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Improv Training - Scenework and Intro to Game

scenework and intro to game

If You’ve Trained Long-Form Elsewhere, You May Be Able To Start Here!

In Scenework class we teach you more core elements to creating fun and watchable scenes. We’ll help improve your acting in improv, encourage your commitment to characters and start to look at the ‘game of the scene’, the way we find and keep playing comedy at the FA.

The Free Association's Intro to Improv is a pre-requisite for this course. However if you have significant other long-form improv experience, you may be able to take this course. Please email us below to obtain permission.

november Term

This 4 week term consists of twice weekly visit, or full day weekend workshops.

January 2020

save £40 now!

Refer a friend who joins us at Introduction to Long-form and we will deduct £15 from your course fee. Refer 2 friends for a massive £40 Discount!

How? Please contact us below for a referral code that your friend can enter while booking.

Please note: This is a new offer as of August 2017 and not applicable to past student referrals. If we find evidence that your referral was false, we reserve the right to re-charge the discount. Discounts can not be applied after the course has started.

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