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Improv Training

Improv comedy training courses in London. Learn to improvise with the best Improvised comedians on the circuit, but most importantly, the best teachers in town! 

Improv comedy training courses

5 Unique Levels of Improv Training

You've chosen the biggest and best comedy school in London! Our school ethos is aimed at unlocking a sense of joy in improv, setting you free to create compelling, hilarious and vibrant work with your team mates.

We provide the next generation of improvisers with the tools and knowledge to establish their own teams and create their own exciting shows. With FIVE unique improv comedy syllabuses taught by the best improvisers in London, you can go from an absolute beginner, to an experienced performer in no time.

Whether you're joining us to build confidence, or hone your comedy and performance skills - you've found the right place.

1000 students a year can't be wrong!

I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from it. It’s fun,inventive and silly, but it also really just nurtures all the good elements of being a human being.

Try Improv in our Monthly taster class at The Comedy Room, Camden. When you book onto a full Intro to Improv class - We will deduct your taster fee!

No experience necessary! Join for confidence, community or performance skills - this is where it all  starts!

Starting with scene fundamentals, acting in improv and an introduction to playing the 'game of the scene'

A deeper look into 'game of the scene'. with a focus on initiating with premise, heightening the game and an introduction to forms.

London’s Newest Craze...A Confidence Boost Almost Everyone Can Benefit From

Students will apply their skills to create unified, cohesive, hilarious and satisfying  shows. Culminating in a public performance.

We've teamed up with TV's Dawson Bros (Walliams & Friend, That Mitchell and Webb Look) to bring you the best sketch writing syllabus in the UK. 

Mastering long-form techniques within the FA philosphy - Playing it real, expert heightening and advanced scene moves.


The Free Association provide both 8 week classes and 4 day intensives,  drop in workshops and - most importantly - performance opportunities for our students. You can practice what you've learnt in our fortnightly Teacher Jam, and graduates of Harold and Advanced Harold can audition to join an FA house team.

Whoa, that's not all. The FA are proud to have partnered with television's DAWSON BROS. to bring you a unique syllabus in sketch writing. The Sketch Class runs alongside our Improv training every term, and culminates in a live audience, professionally produced, sketch podcast!