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Improv Training - Intro to Long Form


Introduction to Long-Form Improv

This is where it all starts.

Our entry-level improv course. This course helps you build your confidence and performance skills and teaches you the fundamental principles to the FA style of long-form improvisation. Start this course with no experience and end it able to step on stage and create fun scenes inspired by just a word!

We will look at actively listening and co-operating with team mates, “yes-and", the freedom to play and be spontaneous, and an introduction to improvised scene work.

There is no pre-requisite for this course; anyone can join regardless of previous experience. If you have done a little improv before but not much long-form, it is recommended to start here.

If you have previously completed an introduction to long-form class (i.e UCB, Second City, IO, Monkey Toast) we'd love you to join us at Scenework and Intro to Game.

'I Can't Think Of Anyone Who Wouldn't Benefit From it!' - VICE


november Term

This 4 week term consists of twice weekly visit, or full day weekend workshops.

January 2020

Unsure? Take a Taster!

We run a Taster Class over at The Comedy Room on the first Thursday of every month. This class runs from 7pm-9:30pm and will give you a great insight into what it's like to train improvisation at The Free Association. A taster costs £20, but should you decide to join a full class - we'll deduct this from your fee!

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