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London's best improv comedy school offers unlimited diversity scholarships. Apply for a scholarship at The Free Association today. 


The Free Association believes a diverse student body is fundamental to developing rich comedic scenes in improvisation and sketch writing. Through a rolling scholarship programme the Free Association aims to develop a student body that reflects the society in which it exists.  We are looking for students with diverse backgrounds in the London area whose financial situation would make studying at the Free Association difficult or impossible otherwise. 

We are currently looking to diversify - 

Race and ethnicity

Low Income individuals from low income families

People over 40

If you feel you match the suitable criteria, please complete the Scholarship application below

We are able to offer a limited number of FULL and PART Scholarships throughout the year. Each Scholarship is taken on an individual basis, and can be applied to both improv Training and the FA’s Improv to Sketch Class. We will not be able to confirm receipt of your application, but will notify you if you have been accepted onto a course. Unsuccessful applications will also be notified - feel free to re-apply at a later date.

If we haven't responded to your application you will be in consideration for a future class. All scholarships are offered at least 2 weeks prior to the start of term.

Successful applicants may be added to waiting list for the next round of training.


Name *
Note: If applying for low income you will be required to prove status.
A little about yourself, and why you should recieve the scholarship
Please name the show, and date.
Previous schools, tutors, teams etc
This DOESN'T have to be a performance based career.
I agree that all information here is correct, and should it be found to be incorrect any given scholarship may be cancelled. *