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Performance Lab

The FA's Performance Lab

Many of you have talked about wanting further study at the FA. Something beyond Advanced Harold.

This course is a performance level class for FA graduates. Once you have completed all 5 levels of Improv training you are eleigable to be invited onto this exciting new 10 week improv training programme.

The class is a more intensive look at long form. Specifically, how to use long form philosophies and techniques to create and develop a new form – one unique to you, the group. Instead of following a traditional ‘class’ structure, the Performance Lab is a hybrid: half class, half show process. That means the FA take on the role of teacher and director. Once your forms are created, the FA will take on the role of producer, putting your show up on the FA's Camden Stage.

To be clear: The goal of Performance Lab is a chance for you, the students, under the FA’s guidance, to generate your own form. Not just the Harold. Not a Jacuzzi. But a new form. One that reflects your goals as an improviser, whatever they are, and one that is built around your strengths as a performer. When that new form is created, the FA will produce a night, so that you can perform. At the end of the course, the Performance Lab teams will get a 10-week run at The Free Association Camden Stage.

That’s 20 weeks of Long form, in total. Yikes!

Beyond: After the 10-week run, the show is yours to do whatever you want with. If it’s really good, we’ll beg for you to keep it at the FA.


The price for the class is 300 pounds. We know that’s more expensive than our usual courses, but it’s more class, more teachers and more time from the FA. We ask that you pay 150 pounds up front, and the second 150 sometime during the 10-week class. We except payment plans.