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Improv Training

Improv comedy training courses in London. Learn to improvise with the best Improvised comedians on the circuit, but most importantly, the best teachers in town! 

Improv comedy training courses

6 Unique Levels of Improv Training in London

The Free Association is the UK’s first ‘American style’ long-form improv theatre and school. We teach classes at our home in London, and with our partners at the famous Boom Chicago theatre in Amsterdam. The Free Association training is based around our unique approach to ‘game’ and ‘point of view’ . We believe that all comedy is built on these principles - Improv, stand-up, and sketch comedy alike. Our school ethos is to unlock a sense of joy in improv performance - setting you free to create compelling, hilarious and vibrant work with your team mates.

Whether you're joining us to build confidence, or hone your comedy and performance skills - you've found the right place. We provide the next generation of improvisers with the tools and knowledge to establish their own teams and create their own exciting shows.

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The Syllabus

We run 6 Levels in total, in a structured path. With additional elective short courses and an exciting new 'Improv to Sketch' programme. Our students work their way through the levels, adding to their skill-set as they go.

Our class entry requirement and course structure enable us to consistently graduate more 'complete' performers, who are fully adept in the FA's unique long-form style. Each student possesses a shared improv language, while being entirely flexible in their approach to performance.

Our main 8 week training terms start in January, March, June, August, September and October. We also run monthly 4-day intensive workshops throughout the year. You're never far away from a class!

We Can't Wait To Get Started...

Student Opportunities

As students progress they get the opportunity to perform in our weekly Teacher Jam and eventually audition to be part of a house Harold team. We have currently have 6 active harold teams, and 3 graduated teams performing at the theatre. These teams play every week on a well attended nights at our home theatre. The graduated players often begin the training process to become our coaches and teaching staff.

Students are encouraged to make teams and perform in our weekly Cage Match, and monthly Team Jam show 'Lester City's Super Sunday'.

The community

By joining The Free Association you are joining a burgeoning community of performers, comedians and like minded people. They spend time in the venues and the bar, make friends, collaborate and create teams together - which we are often able to offer stage time to. Students get free tickets to every Harold Night (Thursday and Friday) and are able to attend every other show for free if they bring a paying friend.

“I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from it. It’s fun, inventive and silly, but it also really just nurtures all the good elements of being a human being.” -   THE TIMES

Our Taster Classes are a great way to discover improv in a fun, supportive, one-off class for those who want to try it out before deciding whether to take part in a full course.

Our entry-level improv course. This course helps you build your confidence and performance skills and teaches you the fundamental principles to the FA style of long-form improvisation.


The core elements to creating fun and watchable scenes. We’ll help improve your acting in improv, encourage your commitment to characters and start to look at the ‘game of the scene’.

We’ll dig further into the game of the scene, teach you how to initiate with premise and how to keep your characters interesting, funny and playable.


This course teaches students how to apply all the skills and techniques so far to learn how we perform The Harold format at the FA.

In this course you will learn how to apply the core FA principles of Game, Grounding and Point of View to tell spontaneous stories that are exciting, moving and hilarious.

Our FA drop-ins are a chance to receive some expert coaching in the FA style. This class focus specifically on organic scenes - scenes initiated from a single word

Learn how to make expert moves within the Game of the scene and how to surprise the audience (and yourself!)

Our FA drop-ins are a chance to receive some expert coaching in the FA style. This class focus specifically on premise scenes - scenes initiated from an opening such as a monologue