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Improv To Sketch

The UK's best course in comedy sketch writing. London's improv home and school, Learn to write sketch with the pros.  

the fa’s improv to Sketch Class

The Free Association training is focused on ‘Game’ and ‘Point Of View’ - We believe that all comedy is built on these principles. Improv, stand-up, and yep - you guessed it! Sketch!

This is a writing course!

The class will use improv exercises to better understand how to write great sketches! We’ll use improv techniques to generate ideas, and apply the basic principles that make a good improv scene to the process of writing.

Upon leaving the course you will have four complete sketches. But you will have generated so many more ideas! By generating too much material you will learn how to develop your ideas, and how to mine for gold. As a writer, you want to be getting to a stage where you are cutting good stuff, and only leaving excellent material behind.

What you do with the ideas is up to you. Previous students have submitted them for the FA sketch writing team, some have filmed their sketches for the internet, some have incorporated them into smash-hit Edinburgh shows. We’ll give you the tools to create sketches, it’s your choice how to use them.

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