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Improv Classes - Acting in Improv

Want to perform at The Free Association? You first need to take our improv training classes before auditioning for a house team. These auditions takes place every year, and will see over 150 students come through our doors. Prepare yourself with the audition prep class!

action and emotion in play

This Class is for FA Harold Graduates and Above.

A 4-session course focusing on improving an improviser’s acting ability on stage (engaging the actor half of the improviser’s brain); improving emotional range and commitment to emotional choices; making bold moves on impulse; learning to support Game and make stronger Game choices through truthful and connected play.


Upcoming Classes (London)

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Refer a friend who joins us at Introduction to Long-form and we will deduct £15 from your course fee. Refer 2 friends for a massive £40 Discount!

How? Please contact us below for a referral code that your friend can enter while booking.

Please note: This is a new offer as of August 2017 and not applicable to past student referrals. If we find evidence that your referral was false, we reserve the right to re-charge the discount. Discounts can not be applied after the course has started.

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