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Improv at Work

Corporate improv Training from London's top improv school and theatre. Presentation skills, confidence, conflict management and more.

improv skills to build businesses

At The Free Association, we are experts at communication, listening, excelling in pressure situations, encouraging risk, innovating and responsive, empathetic behavior. We rely on our training, a strong set of principles and, most importantly, each other. The importance of being able to communicate ideas and have those ideas heard and understood by your partner is never more heightened than when under pressure. After years of fortifying these good habits, we thought we’d share them with you.

FA at Work training sessions are not your typical workshop! There’s no PowerPoint presentation and nobody gets to sit down. We will clear the desks and get bums out of seats. The Free Association training is active and engages the whole group. Our experienced trainer will run through a series of practical exercises that will highlight the fundamental skills needed to succeed within a team. 

We will bespoke our training sessions to tackle the specific problems that your team are facing, - or to develop the skills they excel in.- delivering the lesson through a series of 'penny drop' moments that culminate in an resonant, and long-lasting takeaway.

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